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The 7 bags Every Woman Should Own

The 7 bags Every Woman Should Own

The Backpack

Whether you're off to the office, going to the gym or rushing to your morning classes, a backpack is a great choice. It is roomy enough to store your laptop, supplies, your lunch, and anything else you need to throw in there to survive the day. This bag is worn on the back, with a strap for each shoulder. The backpack is the best bag for walking around the city, an amusement park, hiking or cycling because of the increased degree of mobility they provide.


The Hobo Bag

This crescent-shaped shoulder bag is trendy and comfortable for working women. The boat-shaped bottom gives the bag a casual look. It is the perfect bag for your makeup essentials, tissue packs, notepads, phones and other personal items. A woman's wardrobe isn't complete without a slouchy hobo.


The Tote

This is a large rectangular handbag with two shoulder straps and has an open top which makes it easier to insert items into the tote. The tote gives you a more relaxed look. You can choose to flaunt a fabric tote at a beach party or carry a leather tote to college or work. These bags offer ample space for books, files, laptops and more. This is for the girl who loves to carry her world around. Wear a tote with casual jeans and tees or with long skirts to look effortlessly chic. Every woman needs a tote, and not just a big bag to haul stuff around in but one that can also look polished and professional. The kind you buy is usually determined by what you’re carrying daily.


The Satchel

This is the essential workhorse handbag. A medium to large top handle bag that can hold almost everything. A satchel is often mistaken as a briefcase, but they are different. The satchel has a strap while the other doesn’t. Satchels are worn on one shoulder, much like a shoulder bag. But unlike a shoulder bag which hangs on your side, a satchel is worn on the back side of the hip.


The Bucket bag

As the name suggests, bucket bags find inspiration in the shape of a bucket. The bucket bag has a round oval bottom and an open top with a drawstring closure. It is mostly available in cross body form. The Bucket bag can be large or small, but no matter what the size, you’ll find that its shape is deceivingly roomy. The deep, wide-bottom frame and the roomy bucket style interior make it perfect to carry everything you need.


The Crossbody bag

As the name suggests, the crossbody bag goes across one’s body. It has one long strap that is often of adjustable length for maximum comfort. The strap sits on one shoulder, crosses the body, and meets the bag itself on the other side of the body. The crossbody bag is a must-have because it's amazingly wearable and comfortable. Perfect for daily errands and shopping trips when your hands are already full.


The Wristlet

A clutch shaped bag that comes with a leather or bracelet looking strap to be hung on the wrist allowing you to use your hands freely. Wristlets have enough space to hold your cards, cash and phone.

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